Newark Adds Micro-B Connectors from Amphenol Industrial Operations

Chicago, June 27, 2019 – Newark, the Development Distributor, continues to offer its community of designers with the varied connector options they need to advance their designs with the addition of the Micro-Bayonet (Micro-B) connectors from Amphenol Industrial Operations. This product line provides an affordable alternative to connectors used in industrial markets requiring high signal counts and small packages.

The Micro-B series offers lightweight, high performance connectors with a small footprint that utilize a robust triple bayonet coupling, providing quick and positive locking. The Micro-B series is ideal for industrial designers seeking high electrical performance at a low price. The new circular connector series is designed for industrial applications such as Telecommunications, HEV, Robotics/Factory Automation, Industrial Instrumentation, Security, and Test Equipment where electrical performance must be met with affordability.

Micro-B meets the requirements of today’s electrical equipment by delivering excellent shell-to-shell electrical bonding for EMI required in rugged connectors. The compact Micro-B features high density insert patterns with size 22D contacts allowing for more circuits to be connected and a simplified termination process with tape and reel contacts. It also offers tool-less and fast mating for ease of use in the field.

Further technical information:

  • RoHS-compliant circular connector series
  • Various mounting options available, including in-line and 2-hole flange mount configurations
  • Operating temperature of -40°C to +125°C, a dielectric withstanding voltage of 500 VRMS and a current rating of up to 3 Amps per contact. It is durable up to 500 mating cycles
  • With Gray ZnNi plating, Micro-B can withstand up to 500 hours of salt spray without corrosion detrimental to its operation

Amphenol Industrial Operations is a global leader in interconnect systems for harsh environment applications.

Micro-B connectors from Amphenol Industrial Operations are available from Newark.