Driven by altruism, WPG aims to create a win-win ecosystem

After implementing digital transformation for 5 years, WPG initiates “Logistics as a Service (LaaS)” concept which invites all vendors and industry professionals to join this independent warehouse-sharing platform, which aims to “deliver components to clients’ production workshop promptly” in the future

Due to rapidly changing global situations, such as trade war and recent COVID-19 pandemic, all industries have been facing enormous challenges no matter internally or externally. In recent years, WPG have been actively envisioning ways to create value using new technology and new methods for the next 10 years or generally in the future, and of which “Logistics as a Service (LaaS)” model is WPG’s key development strategy for the next generation. From smart business logistics to smart manufacturing logistics in the future, WPG will continue focusing on client demand and building ecosystem to face challenge of the generation.

In 2018, WPG officially introduced “WPGDADAWANT” digital platform to the public. When “WPGDADAWANT” platform was introduced to our enterprise clients, we realized almost every enterprise was considering and evaluating smart manufacturing. We observed that our clients invest into smart manufacturing majorly to increase capacity and improve yield rate, which can be impacted by warehouse and logistics management techniques as well.

WPG then learned that clients’ complete supply chain issue in the future will not be solved if there is only information flow rather than logistics flow. Therefore, upon completion of WPG Hong Kong smart warehouse construction in 2018, WPG plans to invest in smart warehouse construction in Guangdong Dongguan, Taiwan, and Southeast Asia consecutively. Through data management, WPG aims to create warehouse information transparency and replace traditional warehouse work procedures with automated smart equipment. With the goal of “becoming the demonstrative warehouse for LaaS with all-smart operations from inbound to outbound shipments”, WPG wishes to invite all vendors and industry professionals to join this independent warehouse sharing platform. We wish to respond actively to clients’ challenge when practicing smart manufacturing, and deliver all needed parts to clients’ production workshop (B2B2P;Business to Business to Production Workshop) promptly. WPG aims to help our clients succeed with smart manufacturing logistics service, seek common good within the industry, and create win-win relationships with all ecosystem partners.

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